Why You Need a Blogging Strategy (+ 6 Steps to Create One) in 2022

Too many bloggers don’t have a clear running a blog technique. They only soar from one process to one other, attempting out the most recent concepts they’ve heard about… and by no means getting far.

If that sounds such as you, don’t really feel dangerous. Even amongst skilled business-to-business entrepreneurs, solely 65% (simply over a third) even have a documented technique.

Possibly you’ve tried getting strategic in the previous nevertheless it all appeared overwhelming: getting your head round monetization and site visitors and the whole lot else that goes into rising a weblog.

Or possibly you tried to get clear about a content material technique—however all of your plans fell aside as quickly as you bought busy and failed to discover time to write.

Immediately, I’m going to break down creating a weblog technique for you. We’ll take the whole lot step-by-step, so you possibly can construct your technique with out getting caught or overwhelmed.


Let’s start by getting clear about what we’re aiming to do—and why.

What’s a Weblog Strategy?

A weblog technique isn’t as formal as a marketing strategy. It’s additionally not often centered on the tiny particulars (like how precisely you’ll shut every weblog publish). As a substitute, your weblog technique is a broad map of the way you’re going to attain your running a blog objectives.

Your weblog technique may take care of a lot of various areas, similar to while you’re going to create merchandise, what sort of affiliate merchandise you’re going to promote, and extra.

On this article, I’m going to deal with one key a part of your weblog technique—your weblog content material technique. That is all concerning the posts (and/or different content material) you publish in your weblog. Your content material hyperlinks with all different areas of your weblog technique, making it a excellent spot to start.

Why You Need a Blogging Strategy (6 Steps to Create One) in 2022

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Why You Need a Content material Strategy for Your Weblog

Think about two bloggers. Let’s name them Andy and Bella. They’re each running a blog in the identical area of interest for a similar viewers.

Andy doesn’t have a technique. He intends to publish a new publish each Monday, however typically will get busy and doesn’t publish something.

He’s typically not sure what to write, so he simply picks no matter matter is on his thoughts or in the information. He retains which means to get began with online marketing, however by no means will get round to writing the critiques he has in thoughts.

Bella, in contrast, has a weblog technique. She publishes a new publish each Monday with out fail, sends a publication out each Wednesday, and queues up a week’s price of social media updates each Friday.

By means of key phrase analysis, she is aware of precisely what articles are possible to assist her audience—and produce in site visitors to her weblog. She has a “Really useful Useful resource” part in every publication, the place she shares an affiliate useful resource she loves.

After a yr, which blogger is probably going to succeed? Clearly, it’s Bella … but, most bloggers behave extra like Andy.

Now, Andy’s weblog isn’t essentially going to fail. He may get fortunate with a publish and get a flood of site visitors. He’ll ultimately get round to writing some affiliate critiques, and produce in a bit of cash.

However his weblog is certainly extra of a passion than a enterprise. There’s no actual momentum towards Andy’s objectives.

For those who’re extra like Andy than Bella, don’t fear. We’re going to talk about precisely what you want to do in order to create your weblog content material technique.

6 Steps for Creating Your Weblog Content material Strategy

Let’s get your technique underway. In case your weblog is already up and working, you might nicely have already accomplished the primary three steps—however I strongly advocate a minimum of studying by means of them, in case there’s something you want to tweak.

Step 1: Outline Your Objectives

Earlier than you do the rest, you want to work out what you need to get from running a blog. These blogging goals will inform the whole of your strategy.

It’s impossible to figure out how to create a successful blog if you don’t even know what “successful” means for you.

  • Do you want to build a reputation for yourself in your industry?
  • Do you want to bring in some money on the side?
  • Do you want to raise money for a charity or cause?
  • Do you want to earn a full-time living?
  • Do you want to simply enjoy writing for fun?

All of those are valid goals. You can choose one of them or come up with a different goal that resonates with you.

Once you’ve determined your broad goal, start to think about specifics. For instance, let’s say your goal is to earn a full-time living blogging. What does that look like for you?

Maybe you want to make $35,000/year (the median US salary) working only during school hours, for instance. Or maybe you want to make at least $100,000/year, but you’re happy to work a 50-hour week.

Task: Write down your main goal for your blog, using target numbers or figures if it makes sense to do so. You may also want to set a target date.

Step 2: Pick Your Niche

Once you’re clear about your goal, it’s time to pick your niche. If you’ve already got a niche, pause and think about whether your niche is fully compatible with your goal.

If your goal is to make money (particularly a full-time living), then you want to opt for a niche that’s easy to monetize.

However, it’s important not to only pick a niche because you think it’ll make money. Unless you’re strongly motivated by money alone, you’ll likely want to choose a niche you can enjoy writing about for years to come. For example, I chose to start a vegan food blog (VeganTable) this yr as a result of I’m personally drawn into the significance of these subjects and am advising my girlfriend along with her personal web site, Vegan Anj too.

For those who want a little bit of assist at this stage of weblog planning, take a look at my in-depth information on selecting a weblog area of interest.

Activity: Write down your area of interest. For those who’re unsure, write a checklist of potential niches and rank them based mostly on (a) what you get pleasure from most and (b) whether or not they’d possible show you how to attain your objectives.

Step 3: Determine Your Goal Market

Who’s your weblog geared toward? Typically, your target market (aka target audience) will be indicated by your niche, but most niches will have several possible audiences.

Let’s say your niche is “fitness for beginners.” Your target market is clearly “beginners”—but you’ll want to go further than that. Ask yourself:

  • Are you writing primarily for men or women?
  • What age are your readers?
  • What country do they live in?
  • What are their political views?
  • How much education do they have?

All these factors will affect the topics you cover, the products/services you recommend, the advice you give, and even the way you word things.

They’ll also affect things beyond your content, like the color scheme, branding, and the social networks you use to promote your blog.

For instance, one fitness blog for beginners might be aimed at “women in their 40s and 50s in Europe, left-leaning, college-educated or higher.”

Another might be aimed at “men in their 20s in America, right-wing, high school diploma only.” These blogs will likely look very different.

Note: You can—and will—have readers who don’t fit your target market. That’s perfectly fine. What matters is that you have a core target market in mind. Other people are welcome to come to your blog too … but you’re not specifically tailoring your content to them.

Task: Write down your target market, incorporating at least some of the above factors.

Step 4: Conduct Keyword Research

The next step is to figure out what keywords people in your target market are likely to use, related to your blog’s niche.

“Keywords” aren’t complicated. They’re simply words or (more often) short phrases people type into Google.

You can probably think of a whole bunch of keywords off the top of your head. For instance, if you blog about knitting patterns, some keywords would be:

  • Knitting
  • Knitting patterns
  • Free knitting patterns
  • Dress knitting patterns
  • Sweater knitting patterns
  • How to knit a Christmas sweater

… and so on.

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords and figuring out which keywords you should base content around.

Essentially, you want to find keywords that (a) have plenty of people searching for them but (b) aren’t so popular that you’ll never have a chance of getting your content to the top of Google.

There are loads of techniques and tools you can use to help, and I have a detailed article here with everything you need to know about keyword research.

Task: Go through the keyword research guide, then list 10 or more keywords you can use to create content.

Step 5: Create a Content Calendar

How to Create a Blog Strategy (Image of Creating a Content Calendar)

A content calendar is simply a list of upcoming dates and the content you plan to publish. With your calendar to hand, you can come up with lots of blog post ideas at once, carry out keyword research, and even plan a whole batch of posts.

There are many completely different choices for creating your content material calendar. Some bloggers use a easy spreadsheet. Others use a process administration system like Asana.

You might even use a sheet of paper. What issues is that you simply plan what you’re going to publish when, forward of time.

Your content material calendar can embody extra than simply weblog posts. You may need to embody electronic mail newsletters, visitor posts, and every other content material you’d like to create on a common foundation.

You might even plan to create extra in-depth free assets, maybe as soon as a month, or as soon as a quarter.

It’s additionally a nice thought to embody content material promotion in your calendar, as this kinds a part of your weblog advertising technique.

It may very well be so simple as planning a few social media posts to share your content material, or a checklist of who to electronic mail about particular items of content material.

To make your content material planning sooner, you may want to select a explicit theme or sort of publish for various days or perhaps weeks.

As an illustration, you may need a “newbies” publish each Monday and a “high ideas” publish each Friday, or you would at all times have an “knowledgeable roundup” publish the final week of every month.

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Activity: Plan your upcoming weblog posts for the subsequent month, utilizing the key phrases you researched in step 4. For those who can, go additional and plan the emails you’ll ship to your checklist.

Step 6: Plan Your Monetization Strategy

For those who’re hoping to earn a dwelling as a blogger, you’ll have thought a bit about monetization when selecting your area of interest. However now’s the time to suppose how greatest to combine monetization into your running a blog technique as a complete.

These are a few of the key ways in which folks generate income running a blog:

Many bloggers use a mixture of strategies, although some blogs monetize solely by means of one technique.

It’s vital to take into consideration how you propose to monetize your weblog, so you possibly can work this into your content material plan.

As an illustration, when you’re selling affiliate merchandise, you would write assessment posts—however you would additionally search for alternatives to point out these merchandise in different posts.

Activity: Select one monetization technique (that you simply’re already utilizing or need to use). Search for a minimum of 3 items in your content material calendar the place you would add a part or hyperlink that may assist convey in more cash by means of that technique.

Execute Your Weblog Strategy

Put aside time this week to type your running a blog technique. Don’t fear about making it good—your technique isn’t set in stone. You can revisit and modify it based mostly in your real-world outcomes.

Begin by getting clear about your objectives, area of interest, and goal market. Then, do sufficient key phrase analysis to plan your subsequent month of content material. Be sure you work in some monetization alternatives, as nicely.

Lastly, put aside time every week to produce the content material you’ve deliberate. (Intention to full it forward of your deliberate publication date, simply in case you get sidetracked.) You’ll be amazed by how a lot you possibly can obtain in only one month.

And don’t fear your weblog isn’t but up and working or when you want some assist with setting it up correctly. Simply head on over to my (*6*)full information on how to begin a weblog and generate income.

Need My Free Weblog Strategy Planner?

Seize my free weblog planner bundle (in Google Doc format) at this time.


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