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Is It a Google Ranking Factor?

The disavow software, now positioned in your Google Search Console, allows you to inform Google to not depend spammy hyperlinks as a part of your hyperlink profile.

Following Google’s Penguin replace in 2012, poisonous hyperlinks grew to become a large situation. Sites with hyperlink profiles that appeared unnatural ended up hurting a lot of companies and types that had dabbled in spammy hyperlink constructing ways in prior years.

search engine marketing professionals balked on the thought of getting to contact somebody on the opposite finish of each doubtlessly damaging hyperlink to ask for its removing. There had been additionally many experiences of extortion (“Sure, we’ll remove that sketchy link, just send us lots of $$$!”)


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And though Google initially resisted, the disavow software was born.

We know unnatural hyperlinks can negatively have an effect on your search rankings.

So are you able to enhance your search rankings by utilizing Google’s disavow software?

Let’s reply this query.

The Claim: Disavow Tool as a Ranking Factor

Claims about this vary from “use it to protect your rankings” to “we used the disavow tool and rankings skyrocketed.”

The thought is that should you rid your hyperlink profile of spam, identifiably paid, and different low-quality hyperlinks, your natural search rankings will straight profit.

The Evidence for the Disavow Tool as a Ranking Factor

Reddit and search engine marketing boards are rife with anecdotes concerning the energy of disavowing hyperlinks.


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Here are simply a few titles at the moment developing on the subject:

  • How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool For Better Rankings
  • How to Effectively Disavow Links & Protect Organic Ranking
  • Disavow Unnatural Links and Improve Your Rankings

Really, that’s about it.

There’s no verifiable proof that may show that utilizing the disavow software tells the algorithm something about your web site.

The Evidence Against the Disavow Tool as a Ranking Factor

Google is cautious in its positioning of the disavow software as a preventative measure towards handbook motion – not a part of the natural rating algorithm – and says:

“If you have a manual action against your site for unnatural links to your site, or if you think you’re about to get such a manual action (because of paid links or other link schemes that violate our quality guidelines), you should try to remove the links from the other site to your site.

If you can’t remove those links yourself, or get them removed, then you should disavow the URLs of the questionable pages or domains that link to your website.”

But as Penguin taught the search engine marketing world, handbook actions aren’t the one weapon in Google’s hyperlink spam arsenal.


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Links are a rating issue, and the disavow software might help you clear up that sign.

Still, it’s not a rating issue by itself and is simply helpful in circumstances the place the hyperlink spam is so egregious Google can’t probably ignore it by itself.

The Disavow Tool as a Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

The Disavow Tool: Is It a Google Ranking Factor?

Is utilizing the disavow software a rating issue?


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No. You won’t expertise any raise in search rankings for utilizing the software.

Are hyperlinks a rating issue?


Can you positively affect natural rankings by cleansing up the hyperlinks pointing to your web site?

Yes. It’s a matter of lowering any potential destructive impression of low high quality/spam hyperlinks; you’re influencing an present rating issue.

But solely in sure circumstances, and people are usually few and much between.

If you’ve skilled a handbook penalty, cleansing that up goes to cease the suppression of your web site in Google search.

Even outdoors of a handbook motion, spammy and identifiably paid or in any other case manipulated hyperlinks might be negatively impacting the algorithm’s evaluation of your hyperlink profile.


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You can really find yourself doing extra hurt than good by disavowing hyperlinks.

As Google’s John Mueller says,

“Random links collected over the years aren’t necessarily harmful, we’ve seen them for a long time too and can ignore all of those weird pieces of web-graffiti from long ago.

Disavow links that were really paid for (or otherwise actively unnaturally placed), don’t fret the cruft.”

If you do use it and don’t see any outcomes, it might be that you simply didn’t want to make use of it within the first place – or, you should observe up with a reconsideration request.


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As Chuck Price recommends:

“The most common misconception is the disavow tool doesn’t work. It does. For a manual penalty, the disavow file works, when used as a last resort. That means that a full fledged and well documented link removal campaign must precede it.

The disavow file, combined with a detailed reconsideration request, is a core component in successfully getting a manual penalty revoked.”

Bottom line: Google doesn’t use your use of the disavow software as a search rating sign.

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