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Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

Building a various portfolio of hyperlinks, together with deep hyperlinks, is a part of a profitable hyperlink constructing technique.

But can your deep hyperlink ratio have an effect on your natural search rankings?

Read on to be taught whether or not there may be any connection between the deep hyperlink ratio and improved Google rankings.

The Claim: Deep Link Ratio Is A Ranking Factor

Deep hyperlinks are any inbound hyperlinks that time to pages in your web site that aren’t your homepage.

(To be clear: this text doesn’t focus on the opposite kind of deep hyperlink, which is when a hyperlink factors to content material inside an app. Because that kind of deep linking is restricted to cell apps, it has no impression on the natural search outcomes and is certainly not a Google rating issue.)


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What then is a deep hyperlink ratio?

The deep hyperlink ratio is a measurement of the entire variety of inbound hyperlinks to each web page in your web site vs. the entire variety of inbound hyperlinks to solely your homepage.

Calculating Deep Link Ratio

Let’s say you have got a complete of 1,584 inbound hyperlinks to your web site. Of these hyperlinks, 698 are to your homepage.

The remaining 886 are to particular pages in your web site.

To calculate your deep hyperlink ratio, take your variety of deep hyperlinks divided by the entire variety of inbound hyperlinks.

886 / 1,584 = 55.9% deep hyperlink ratio

The declare is that this share would counsel a extra pure hyperlink profile as in comparison with a web site with 90% of their hyperlinks to their homepage.


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The Evidence For Deep Link Ratio As A Ranking Factor

In the Advanced search engine marketing documentation in Google Search Central, there’s a web page on hyperlink constructing techniques to keep away from.

You received’t discover a point out of deep hyperlinks right here, nonetheless.

Here’s what Google suggests:

“The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community.

Creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.”

This method might result in deep hyperlinks, however doesn’t particularly point out deep hyperlinks or a ratio.

Not a lot is formally mentioned by Google or Googlers about deep hyperlink ratio as a rating issue.

In 2004, you’ll discover one of many first mentions of a deep hyperlink ratio from a hyperlink constructing company. It contains an instance of learn how to calculate your deep hyperlink ratio, however no proof for it being a rating issue.

In 2006, SEOBook.com revealed a query about deep hyperlink ratio. Similar to the article in 2004, it presents a calculation methodology to find out your ratio of deep hyperlinks however no additional proof that it impacts your rankings.


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In 2006, a research on the Link-Based Characterization and Detection of Web Spam correlated a excessive variety of homepage hyperlinks with “spammier” web sites.

Deep Link Ratio As A Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

It’s essential to construct a various hyperlink portfolio in your web site, which incorporates a mixture of homepage and deep hyperlinks.


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But there isn’t a magic ratio of deep hyperlinks to homepage hyperlinks.

While hyperlinks are a confirmed rating issue, an actual deep hyperlink ratio is very unlikely to be a direct Google rating issue.

If something, we might see Google utilizing a deep hyperlink ratio as a webspam verify – maybe for the needs of figuring out spammy hyperlink constructing footprints.

However, until Google or a spokesperson is on report saying deep hyperlinks aren’t a rating issue, then we will’t definitively rule it out.

One factor we all know for positive, through Google’s John Mueller, is that the entire variety of inbound hyperlinks doesn’t matter.


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So if a uncooked variety of hyperlinks doesn’t matter to Google, would a deep hyperlink ratio of these inbound hyperlinks actually assist Google rank webpages in any significant approach?

It’s unlikely.

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