Do People Still Read Blogs? (Is Blogging Finally Dead in 2022?)

We’re right here to reply, do individuals nonetheless learn blogs? So, let’s get proper to it.

Do individuals nonetheless learn blogs?

Sure, individuals nonetheless learn blogs at the moment (in file numbers) and can virtually actually proceed studying blogs for a few years to return. In truth, an amazing 77% of Web customers report usually studying weblog posts in line with the most recent blogging statistics. However, despite a consistent increase in the number of people reading blogs, how we read them is changing quite a lot. The average reader only spends 37 seconds reading a blog post today, which makes clear that most people are unlikely to read an entire blog post from start to finish—and instead scan for the information they’re looking for.

While the evidence is clear that people do still read blogs in record numbers today, it’s never been more important to create a great scannable content experience for your readers—so that they can quickly locate the answers they’re seeking and move on with their busy lives. Having worked as a blogger, business owner, writer and content marketer myself, that’s something I have a lot of experience with.

Over the years, I’ve been teaching 500,000 monthly readers how to start a blog on the right foot—and one of the most important aspects of that process has become choosing a blog layout and design that delivers a great experience for your readers… thus encouraging them to come back for more.

So with that goal in mind, let’s talk a little more about how to make sure people still read your blog.

Do People Still Read Blogs? (Is Blogging Finally Dead in 2022?)

  • Do People Still Read Blogs?
  • Why People Read Blogs (Today)
  • Best Practices for Designing a Blog People Will Read
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    Alright, now let’s dig somewhat deeper into the query of do individuals nonetheless learn blogs? and study whether or not or not running a blog is lastly useless as we head into 2022. After it’s all stated and performed, I believe you’ll agree after I say running a blog has had each a wealthy historical past and nonetheless has large potential for numerous purposes as we head into the longer term.

    Able to Begin Your Weblog At the moment?

    Take a look at my final information Tips on how to Begin a Weblog (on the Facet) that’s been featured on Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur.

    Why People Read Blogs (At the moment)

    So as to totally perceive why individuals learn blogs at the moment, it helps to have a fundamental grasp on the history of blogging.

    Here’s a brief timeline and overview of the journey blogging has gone on since it began in 1993:


    • 1993: Blogging officially begins as web browsers are still young
    • 1994: Justin Hall begins personal blogging
    • 1997: The term “Weblog” is coined and soon shortened to “blog”
    • 1998: The first blogging platform (Open Diary) launches
    • 1999: Blogger and LiveJournal launch (with Xanga soon following)
    • 2003: WordPress and TypePad are created
    • 2003: Google buys Blogger and launches AdSense
    • 2004: “Blog” becomes the dictionary word of the year
    • 2005: Vlogging (video blogging) emerges as YouTube launches
    • 2006: HuffPo and Buzzfeed combine news and blogging
    • 2007: Microblogging becomes a trend (short-form content)
    • 2012: Medium is founded (as a free blogging site)
    • 2016: WordPress launches the .blog domain extension
    • 2022: There are now over 31.7 million bloggers in the U.S. alone

    The reasons why people read blogs have been varied throughout the entire history of blogging. Ultimately though, at the end of the day, people read blogs because they’re looking for solutions to the problems they have… and a blog is often one of the best formats to provide those kinds of solutions to people online—whether through written content, video or audio.

    A blog can accommodate any content format, and it can be used to educate, inform, advocate (for your own point of view), sell a product or service, provide support and so much more…

    Here are just a few of the reasons why people still read blogs today:

    • To find the answers to quick questions they have
    • To learn a new skill by following along with an in-depth guide
    • To watch a video tutorial that walks through completing a particular task
    • To follow along with the teachings of an expert or influencer within a particular niche
    • To solicit advice on a forum or in the comments section of a relevant blog
    • To get relevant news, information or updates on local happenings
    • To connect with other like-minded individuals and participate in an online community
    • To decide whether or not they should buy a product or service they’re considering
    • To better understand how a new product or service they recently purchased works

    If there’s something you can teach, tell or explain to an already existing audience of readers, then a blog is the one of the easiest vehicles to do it.

    And it’s because of just how easy it is to start a blog today, that there are millions of people entering the world of blogging each year (and teaching their valuable skills & expertise to others online). Blogs can be high quality sources of reliable information and educational resources to people located anywhere the world with an Internet connection… and for that reason, blogs will be here to stay for a very long time.

    Best Practices for Designing a Blog People Will Read

    With well over 4 Billion people now utilizing the Web at the moment, there’s additionally an unprecedented stage of competitors to seize the eye of these readers (and supply options to them).

    There’s actually a race to the highest of the mountain in relation to offering more and more helpful, precious, accessible content material to individuals around the globe—and a big a part of that equation is delivering content material in a format that readers need to eat it in.

    Take observe from this screenshot of my information about weblog format greatest practices, the place I’ve a really clear weblog headline that describes what my readers will get from the article, after which a scrolling desk of contents menu that strikes together with them all through the size of the article (making it simpler for them to leap round and discover the solutions they’re on the lookout for) to call simply two reader-focused design parts:

    Do People Still Read Blogs? Best Practices for Designing a Blog People Will Read

    Other than the important basis of constructing certain you all the time write a weblog submit that serves a transparent goal and in some way delivers worth to your viewers, you should definitely observe these greatest practices (as pulled straight from my information about designing a weblog format, which features a dozen actual life examples to study from too):

    • Select Fonts You Can Read
    • Arrange Your Structure for Simpler Entry
    • Design Your Weblog Posts to Be Simply Scannable
    • Make the most of Excessive-High quality Photographs (or Graphics)
    • Think about Web page Load Time
    • Embrace Compelling CTAs (Calls to Motion)
    • The Advantageous Line Between Artistic and Cluttered
    • Encourage Engagement
    • Model Your Structure
    • Make Your Structure Relate to Your Viewers

    And that’s a wrap for at the moment!

    Do individuals nonetheless learn blogs? The reply is an amazing sure.

    However you’ll nonetheless have to put in the work to be sure to’ve created helpful content material & have a design that’s user-friendly sufficient that readers will care to stay round.

    Have a Query In regards to the Accessibility of Your Weblog?

    Ask away in the feedback part under (share a hyperlink to your weblog) and I’ll weigh in with my recommendation on how to verify your weblog is designed so that individuals will nonetheless need to learn it 🙂


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