18 Asyndeton Examples: Read. Learn. Enjoy.

Let me guess.

You’re in search of asyndeton examples as a result of this literary time period is new to you.

So that you’re asking your self…

What does asyndeton do, precisely? And extra importantly, what does it even imply?

Nice questions.

Asyndeton makes your writing extra dynamic, attention-grabbing, and highly effective.


Writers have used this literary gadget for hundreds of years to awaken their viewers and seize their consideration.

It’s even been used to encourage nations world wide.

Able to see how?

First, let’s start with the asyndeton definition.


What’s Asyndeton?

Asyndeton is a literary gadget that excludes conjunctions (and, or, however, for, nor, so, but) so as to add emphasis.

For instance, Julius Caesar used asyndeton when he famously wrote, “Veni, Vidi, Vici” or “I got here, I noticed, I conquered.”

Learn that quote once more.

Do you discover how highly effective it sounds?

Caesar might’ve stated, “I got here, I noticed, and I conquered,” however the deliberate omission of “and” labored higher.

And if Caesar had used a conjunction, that will have been an instance of syndeton.

The Distinction Between Asyndeton and Syndeton

asyndeton versus syndeton

Not like asyndeton, syndeton makes use of conjunctions to affix phrases, brief phrases, or associated clauses.

For instance, evaluate these two examples:

  • Asyndeton (with out conjunction): “Cut back, reuse, recycle.”
  • Syndeton (with conjunction): “Cut back, reuse, and recycle.”

Do you see the distinction?

Syndeton slows you down however flows properly. Asyndeton speeds you up, is punchier, and provides emphasis.

They create reverse results.

Is sensible, proper?

Now let me stroll you thru a number of extra asyndeton examples…

18 Examples of Asyndeton

First issues first:

Asyndeton comes from the Greek phrase asyndetos, that means “unconnected.” It’s unconnected as a result of it excludes the conjunctions that usually be part of phrases.

Though asyndeton was first found in Greek and Latin literature, right this moment, it’s used throughout numerous languages.

We generally see it in speeches, songs, motion pictures, and English literature.

Let’s discover some examples from literature first.

Asyndeton Examples in Literature

animated picture of an open book

Joseph Conrad used asyndeton in his novel Coronary heart of Darkness:

  • “The air was (*18*)thick, heat, heavy, sluggish.“

  • Do you see how there may be extra drama to the sentence with out the conjunction?

    We additionally see that dramatic impact added in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies:

  • “We noticed (*18*)no homes, no smoke, no footprints, no boats, no individuals.” 

  • Each Conrad and Golding used asyndetons to emphasise their factors.

    Charles Dickens was additionally a fan of this literary gadget.

    For instance, this complete paragraph from his novel, A Story of Two Cities, is stuffed with asyndetons:

  • “It was the perfect of occasions, it was the worst of occasions, it was the age of knowledge, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of perception, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Gentle, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had all the pieces earlier than us, we had nothing earlier than us, we had been all going direct to Heaven, we had been all going direct the opposite approach . . .”

  • And right here it’s once more in Charles Dickens’ A Story of Two Cities, after the climax of the story:

  • “(*18*)My pal is useless, my neighbor is useless, my love, the darling of my soul, is useless.” 

  • Now keep in mind this:

    Asyndeton isn’t a brand new idea. Writers have used it for hundreds of years to create suspense and add emphasis.

    For instance, Shakespeare used it in his play, Julius Caesar:

  • “O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low?

    Are all thy (*18*)conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,

    Shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee nicely.”

  • This asyndeton emphasised that regardless of Julius Caesar’s victories, he nonetheless wasn’t proof against loss of life.

    James Joyce was no stranger to utilizing asyndetons for emphasis, both.

    Right here’s an instance from his novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Younger Man:

  • “Consciousness of place got here ebbing again to him slowly over an unlimited tract of time (*18*)unlit, unfelt, unlived…”

  • Did you discover how his ending has a sooner rhythm with the asyndeton?

    That’s the aim.

    Asyndetons additionally pace up the rhythm in music. This brings us to our subsequent matter…

    Asyndeton Examples in Songs

    music note

    It’s generally known as one of many best songs of all time.

    It’s performed in stadiums all around the world. Audiences instinctively fall into its infectious beat.

    What track am I speaking about?

    Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in fact.

    Take the opening verse, for instance. It options this asyndeton:

  • Buddy, (*18*)you’re a boy, make a giant noise

    (*18*)Enjoying on the street, gonna be a giant man sometime

  • Queen not noted the connectives “and” to make this lyric extra impactful.

    He additionally did it on this lyric too:

  • Buddy, (*18*)you’re a (*18*)younger man, arduous man

    (*18*)Shouting on the street, gonna tackle the world sometime

  • And once more right here:

  • Buddy, (*18*)you’re an outdated man, poor man

    (*18*)Pleading along with your eyes, gonna get you some peace sometime

  • Have a take heed to this track and take note of how the asyndetons pack a strong punch:

    Now I don’t learn about you, however that track has been caught in my head for years. Give it some thought. Artists purposely use asyndetons to make their songs extra memorable.

    Another excuse?

    It helps with their writing model, circulation,  and beat of the music. For instance, Nicki Minaj makes use of it in her track “Fly”:

  • I got here to (*18*)win, to battle, to overcome, to thrive. 

    I got here to (*18*)win, to outlive, to prosper, to rise.

  • It doesn’t cease there.

    Asyndeton is a good way to emphasise emotion. Rafael Bolivar Coronado did that in his track, “Alma Llanera”:

  • (*18*)I really like, I cry, I sing, I dream

    with ardour carnations, with ardour carnations.

  • And you already know what else?

    It’s a intelligent option to seize somebody’s consideration.

    For instance, take a look at this business:

    The track on this business is a play off the well-known “Camp Granada” by Allan Sherman.

    The opening lyrics go like this:

  • Howdy mom, hiya father. 

    (*18*)Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes actually trouble.

  • There isn’t a conjunction between fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, so it flows nicely and sticks in your head.

    That’s fairly simple, proper?

    However we’re not achieved but.

    Asyndetons may also make speeches extra memorable.

    Actually, Aristotle stated it’s simpler in spoken oratory than in writing.

    Wish to see how?

    Examples of Asyndeton in Speeches

    speech bubbles

    There’s little question about it.

    Winston Churchill’s speeches impressed the world.

    Certainly one of his most well-known quotes contains an asyndeton:

  • “(*18*)We will go on to the top. We will battle in France, we will battle with rising confidence and rising power within the air . . .  we will by no means give up.”

  • Highly effective, isn’t it?

    This very speech inspired the British to rise in opposition to Nazi Germany and maintain preventing.

    Have a hear for your self:

    Churchill additionally used this rhetoric in different quotes:

  • “All is over. (*18*)Silent, mournful, deserted, damaged, Czechoslovakia recedes into darkness.”

  • And you already know what else?

    He included sensory phrases alongside the asyndeton to color a powerful scene for his viewers.

    The person knew what he was doing.

    However Churchill isn’t the one one.

    Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King, and Steven Jobs all used asyndetons as a rhetorical gadget to influence the nation.

    We heard it from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Deal with:

  • “…and that authorities (*18*)of the individuals, by the individuals, for the individuals shall not perish from the Earth.”

  • We heard it from JFK’s inauguration speech:

  • “We will (*18*)pay any value, bear any burden, meet any hardship, help any pal, oppose any foe to guarantee the survival and the success of liberty.”

  • MLK used it in his well-known “I Have a Dream” speech:

  • “We can (*18*)work collectively, to wish collectively, to battle collectively, to go to jail collectively, to face up for freedom collectively understanding that we’ll be free at some point.”

  • And eventually, Steve Jobs used it in his “Assume Completely different” marketing campaign:

  • “Right here’s to the (*18*)loopy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, those who see issues otherwise.”

  • Watch this video to see how influential Steve Job’s marketing campaign was:

    Why Use Asyndeton?

    Let me ask you:

    Would you like your writing to face out?

    To be extra attention-grabbing, highly effective, memorable?

    After all you do.

    You’re a great author. A author who provides emphasis and emotion to your prose. One who is aware of methods to seize your reader’s consideration.

    And greater than something?

    You’re a great author who tries new literary methods to enhance your abilities.

    In spite of everything, that’s how we get higher.

    We learn, write, study.

    See what I simply did there?

    Time to Make Your Personal Asyndeton Examples

    Now it’s your flip to make use of asyndetons in your written prose.

    So the place do you begin?

    Start by taking note of the asyndeton examples you discover in books, motion pictures, or songs.  If you discover ones that resonate with you, add them to your swipe file for writing inspiration.

    Listed below are a number of of my favorites:

    • Eat. Pray. Love.
    • I got here, I noticed, I conquered.
    • Cut back, reuse, recycle.

    Lastly, use the inspiration you get out of your swipe file to create your personal asyndetons.

    It’ll command your reader’s consideration and make your content material extra dynamic.

    Use it nicely.


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